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Each event will have its own configuration, and will require that you set and define contents for each event you create.
The emails you can customize are:

  • Send Login Credentials
  • Meeting Invitation Sent
  • Meeting Invitation Received
  • Meeting Cancellation Received
  • Meeting Cancellation Sent
  • Send Schedule
  • Schedular Opening notifications
  • Schedular Closing notifications
  • Send Virtual Link Reminder

You can also modify your signature on e-mails and Reply-To option.
We will use the given Event Name in all your emails to Attendees, so they can easily identify all emails coming from your event.

Once you click Edit on the specific e-mail, you can change the text we show by default and write on your very own style. It’s very easy to manage tokens (variables) for automation on your e-mails.

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