1to1 Meeting Scheduler

Software to empower
your next event

For in-person, virtual and hybrid formats

Your Attendees, Visitors
and Exhibitors will Love it

Incorporate technology to make your event experience more productive for visitors and exhibitors.

Participants value the use of interactive channels and tools that allow them to increase their contacts and perform their overall experience.

Single Platform for Accessing

Webinars, Panels, Presentations and 1to1 Meetings

Multi Event Management

Handle all your events from your organizer account

White-Label Solution

Customizable with your events’ branding


with most popular video solutions or your own

Virtual, In-Person or Both?

Whether you are hosting a virtual-only event, an in-person gathering or a combination of both under an hybrid model, enrich the experience with modern technology that enhances participants’ interaction.

Offer greater comfort and efficiency for your attendance, as well as wider post-event reach. Imagine having talks, conferences, workshops, etc. both in person and online. In addition, everything done in an online format remains in the virtual world and can be shared anytime, anywhere.

Also, your event will have more impact, since it increases coverage and geographic range. Attendees who are in different parts of the world, can connect, participate and meet virtually at a very low cost.

Easy & Simple For All Kind of Users

Your participants can edit their profile, define their availability and select who they want to meet. The system engine will set up everyone’s meetings.

No IT Capabilities Required

1to1Meet is a SaaS product, nothing needs to be installed and everything remains saved and accessible in the cloud.

UI/UX Optimized

Simplicity is what your participants are expecting. Design-centric approach of the user interface, including clear screens, intuitive buttons and visual actions.

Set up your Event

Name it, add its logo and banner, indicate dates and the type of event (in-person, virtual or both)

Define Agenda and Add Activities

Include Opening Ceremonies, Product launches, Live Presentations, Webinars, and of course your slots of 1to1 meeting sessions.

Upload Participants

Add all participants in one go uploading from excel or add one by one as new participants join your event

Go Live

Your event is now created, participants can start the interaction before the event starts for furthering their engagement.

Advantage of Scheduling 1to1 Meetings

Boost the productivity of your event for visitors and exhibitors by offering them tools that focuses on their interests.

  • Create pre-event engagement as participants are able to create their appointments with other attendees sharing common interests.
  • Participants can attend your event with their own schedule of meetings, aside from other group activities you may organise
  • Introduce a scheduling slot in your even for on-site appointments.
  • Attendees can have pre-scheduled meetings or schedule meetings during the event
  • Facilitate post-meeting follow up and results among attendance

Request a Demo

Experience a live customized demo, get answers to your specific questions, and find out why 1to1 Meet is the right choice for your event.

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