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Once we have granted access to your account you will need to use the following url to access your admin panel:

From here you will need to use the user and password we have provided to your company.

Once you have accessed your admin panel, the first thing you need to do is to create your first Event, providing your event details. Also, you can upload the logo of your event and the banner of your event, so we can customize a private url for each of your events from where your attendees access your scheduling platform.

You can create Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid events


A Virtual-only event means all your attendees are virtually participating in the event (they are not physically in a meeting venue, they will having their meetings from home or office with a computer, tablet or phone)

Virtual Attendees will need to have a Zoom account and link it to our platform.

You will need to setup a the Time Zone of your event, this will be common for all users, but the system will show their respective schedules based on the time zone they chose in their profile settings.

The Scheduler open/close date/time will also need to be defined.


At in-person events all Attendees will be travelling to a common Venue: hotel, convention center, etc….

The system will assign tables for each 1to1 meeting that is done at the Venue, the system will inform you about the total number of tables needed to allocate all meetings scheduled for each block of time.

We will ask you to fill in:
Venue Name and Location
Start date/time of your event
End date/time of your event
Scheduler open/close date/time


An hybrid mode is where you have both type of attendees, in-Person and Virtual, where both groups can meet together during the one to one meeting sessions.

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