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As commented in Adding Companies section, you can control all your attendees and companies from both sections, Companies and Attendees, included the Companies Menu. Let’s explain separately how to manage your Attendees.

From the Attendees section you will see listed all your imported attendees, showing their picture, full name, company, country, email, access code and the type of attendee (in-person or virtual). For virtual attendees you will be able to see if they have already linked their Zoom or other video conferencing account and send a reminder to them in case they haven’t.

Unique attendees from a same company are assigned to schedule num. 1. If there are multiple attendees from a same company, you can assign a schedule num. to each attendee. The number of schedules available for each company will be determined in the Company settings. This way for example you can have 2 attendees from a same company sharing a same schedule and 2 attendees from another company having 2 separated schedules.

You can also send emails to attendees with their login details and their respective schedules in pdf format.

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